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Guelph Paediatric Chiropractic

Chiropractic gives you a safe, gentle and beneficial avenue to optimize the health of your baby or child. Though many people think of chiropractic as being associated with pain, discomfort is an end stage symptom of a problem. Dr. Alyssa’s goal is to empower you to be proactive so you and your children never reach that stage.

We Encourage You to Start Early

Enjoying the expression of vibrant health starts at the beginning of life. The greatest gift we can give to our children is the gift of vibrant health and well-being, starting early on. Dr. Alyssa offers supportive pediatric care to children of all ages and encourages you to bring in your child as early as possible. The old adage really is true “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – and everyone (young or old) benefits from supportive wellness care.

Often however, parents bring their baby in because their son or daughter is unhappy or struggling in some way, and they’re not sure what to do. They may be experiencing colic, digestive problems, painful gas, acid reflux, fussiness or issues with breast-feeding, sleeplessness, or issues with alignment, amongst others. Older children could be talking to their care provider about pain from falls or growing, may be experiencing digestive issues or bed-wetting, or may be be missing school days due to being unwell in some way. You might be surprised how quickly these challenges can turn around!

Dr. Alyssa has known neck pain and headaches from a young age, likely originating in the difficult way she was born. Knowing so much can be done to prevent the problems and pain she experienced, Dr. Alyssa wants to help ensure other children won’t go through these same struggles. Dr. Alyssa has taken extra training in paediatric chiropractic, as well as birth doula training.

The new patient process for a baby or child is much the same as that of an adult – a thorough health history, physical examination, discussion of findings, informed consent and treatment. Babies however often work on their own schedules for feeds and diaper changes, and Dr. Alyssa strives to accommodate a pace which is comfortable for your family.

When it comes to adjustments, Dr. Alyssa adapts her techniques for each child’s age and unique needs. Often times, a gentle and sustained hold without thrust or craniosacral work is all that is required for younger patients. Dr. Alyssa also often utilizes instrument-based techniques with children.

Whenever possible and appropriate, Dr. Alyssa aims to send you home with any tips or techniques that you can do for your child at home, empowering you (and the child depending on their age) to play an active role in their health care. 

Involving Your Kids In Their Care

Dr. Alyssa believes in respecting even her youngest patients. It is common practice for her to talk with babies and children, get down on their level for communication, and tell them what is happening when something is new, before it happens. Afterward children can choose a sticker, which children love to do! Dr. Alyssa’s pediatric patients often ask when they get to come back because they look forward to their next visit.

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